Raypak Residential Pool Gas Heaters

Raypak Residential Pool Gas Heaters


Raypak Residential Pool Gas Heaters | Sunshine Coast – Gympie – Caboolture

Raypak’s range of Australian-made residential pool and spa gas heaters can heat the biggest or smallest of pools, extending your swimming time and enjoyment.

Call 0405846465 or Purchase Online for installation and/or supply on the Sunshine Coast (from the north of Caboolture to the south of Gympie)

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For the best value and fastest installation of the Raypak Residential Pool Gas Heaters on The Sunshine Coast, call us now on 0405 846 465 or message us on our Facebook Page, and one of our admin assistants will get in touch with you.

Or, if you are upgrading from an existing electric hot water system or heat pump, simply buy online and we will arrange to have your new hot water system installed ASAP.


  • Sunpak Hot Water only services from the north of Caboolture to the south of Gympie
  • This quote is based on a standard installation whereby the new Heatpump is replacing an existing electric or Heatpump hot water system located in a suitable location, has an adequate existing power supply, drainage point within 3 meters and all washrooms/bathrooms are tempered. In the event that the installation differs from the standard installation conditions, variations to charges may occur.


Raypak residential pool gas heaters range features:

  • Robust powder-coated all-metal construction
  • Reliable and trustworthy performance
  • Cupro-nickel heat exchanger for more excellent protection against corrosion
  • Polymer headers for longer life
  • Energy-saving “hot surface ignition.”
  • Integration capabilities with other pool and spa control equipment
  • Remote control connection available as an option
  • Suitable for either indoor or outdoor installation
  • Service code diagnostics
  • Child-lock function
  • Also available in LPG (propane)
  • Australian manufacture and design excellence


Outdoor Heaters

Raypak residential pool gas heaters are built as standard for outdoor installations. Their installation must conform to AS5601 as a minimum. They must not be installed in any enclosed structure or under eaves, roof overhangs, or pool decks. Outdoor heaters must be installed at least 1500mm from any window or room ventilation opening. They must also have no obstructions above the appliance.

If installing the heater on a raised base, this base must be non-combustible and contain no air openings or perforations. Drafts from below the heater can affect its operation.

High Wind Areas

Raypak residential pool gas heaters are atmospherically vented and so may not function correctly in areas of sudden changing air pressure often caused by high or variable wind speeds. In some instances, it may be necessary to install either a Raypak High Wind Top or a Raypak Induced Draft Fan to ensure correct operation. These options should be discussed with Raypak before installation.

Indoor Heaters

INDOOR HEATERS Combustion / Ventilation Air Indoor heaters must only be installed in a protective enclosure or properly constructed room, with ventilation in accordance with AS5601. Ventilation must be provided via two permanent openings, one at ceiling level and one at floor level. The minimum vent area must be at least 630cm2 unless otherwise stated in AS5601. Minimum opening dimensions in the vent must be at least 6mm.

In indoor applications, the Raypak residential pool gas heaters must have at least the minimum clearances specified in the table below. Increased clearances should be provided where possible to improve serviceability. Servicing may not always be possible where the minimum clearances are observed therefore good installation practices should determine what reasonable clearances are required for each installation location.


Additional information


R200, R280, R350, R430

Gas Type

LPG, Natural


Indoor, Outdoor



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Raypak Residential Pool Gas Heaters FAQ's

Yes! It comes with 3 years parts and 1 Year of labour when installed for use in a single-family dwelling and 6 Months Parts and Labour when installed for use in a commercial installation

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