Commercial Hot Water Systems

20+ Years experience in commercial hot water

Australia wide installations of commercial hot water systems

Sunpak provides commercial hot water systems and services in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane for body corporate multi-residential apartments, hotels, commercial high-rise buildings, resorts, bakeries and restaurants to name but a few.

As commercial hot water specialists, we have been the Sunshine Coast’s go-to industry experts for over 20 years and prioritise excellent customer service. 

Cutting edge technology allows us to customise and specialise to meet your hot water system and pool heating needs. 

We are highly skilled and experienced in providing guidance and advice on the installation and maintenance of hot water solutions and heat pumps.

Hot Water Installation

If you are planning to upgrade the hot water system at your commercial premises, we are happy to visit you and make appropriate recommendations. We are proud to partner with leading heating technology manufacturers to ensure your commercial property or business has continuous and reliable hot water.

We can remove your old heating system or update it by retrofitting up to date technology to make it more reliable and efficient. If you’re interested in having your system updated, we are happy to discuss the most suitable and efficient options for your business. 

Call us today to talk to one of our specialists and find out more. Enquire below about our full range of commercial hot water systems, heat pumps or to discuss your requirements.

Hot Water Maintenance Plans

The continuous and reliable supply of hot water to a building is essential for residents and owner’s ongoing comfort and satisfaction. Regular Routine Maintenance is the best way to ensure your centralised hot water system’s long term health as well as trouble-free continuous operation and peak performance.

At Sunpak we offer prompt, reliable, and friendly service and can arrange routine maintenance schedules to suit your equipment and requirements. Sunpak recommends a bi-annual routine maintenance where we perform a thorough check of your centralised ​hot water systems, pool heating and heat pumps​ to verify that all your equipment is working efficiently and safely.


Sunpak are delighted that several large establishments and energy retailers currently trust us with the maintenance of their hot water and pool heating equipment. We work with many local and interstate properties including Oaks Mews, Catalina 2, Coco Mooloolaba, Brisbane One, and Milton Edge to care for their ​heating systems​ and explore cost-effective ways to fix identified issues. We train all of our specialists and technicians to the highest standards, and they use their vast experience and expert knowledge to assess your hot water systems needs.  

Switch to a Heat Pump and Save

You could save up to 75% on your hot water operating costs with our range of heat pump solutions:

  •  Air operation range from 5°C to 45°C
  •  C.O.P of up to 4
  •  More Energy efficient than gas and electric systems
  •  Safe, Reliable bulk hot water supply
  •  High-temperature water solutions.

We offer a range of flexible installation options so that you can take advantage of financial savings and planet-friendly emissions reductions of ​heat pump​ technology.

Sunpak is committed to giving you the most up to date heating solutions, so if you’re planning to upgrade or replace your commercial property’s hot water system, get in touch to discuss the cost-effective and efficient options we can offer your business.



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