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Does your hot water system need repairs? Has it finally given up and gone up to the great scrapyard in the sky? Get in touch with Sunpak if you would like to see our cost-saving energy-efficient hot water solutions.

Simply call us, and we will walk you through the following questions to define your priorities, then recommend the best solution. Sunpak is committed to providing the best service possible and solving your hot water system problems.

We need you to tell us:

  •  How many people there are in your household
  •  How many bedrooms & bathrooms do you have?
  •  What system do you currently have – electric/gas/heat pump?
  •  Where is it currently installed?
  •  Do you have a tempering valve installed?
  •  Is there a drain located nearby for condensation?
  •  How much you currently pay in hot water costs?


If your home is local, Ben is happy to pay a visit to take a closer look at your pool heating or hot water system. If you are further afield, Sunpak will ask you to take a photo of the heating unit, the area where it’s installed, and the spec plate. We will then research your options thoroughly and present you with a report, along with recommendations on the optimal hot water system to save on energy costs. Sunpak will also compile a free quote for you to consider.

When you’re totally happy with your quote and have decided on your new hot water or pool heating system, Ben will arrange a suitable time with you to start the installation. An electric or heat pump will take up to 3 hours to install in your home, and a replacement gas hot water system takes around an hour.

Domestic Hot Water Partners

Sunpak are partnered with a wide range of manufacturers to meet all types of needs:

Domestic Hot Water Installation

You can be assured that with Sunpak, your installation will go smoothly. On the first day of install, the new unit will be delivered, and we will have an electrician and plumber on site to drain, reposition, or remove the existing unit safely and with minimal inconvenience. If you have a new hot water system fitted, our crew will position the new unit and connect the plumbing, tempering valve, and fittings. We will also run drains and complete all electrical connections before filling the system up with water and turning on your new system.

We always take care to give the owner a detailed demonstration of the system and will walk you through its operation before leaving your home just as we found it. We consider it part of our professional and customer-focused service to dispose of the discarded unit and remove any waste, so you are minimally inconvenienced.

After the installation, Ben always makes a follow-up call to ensure your new hot water system is running smoothly, answer any questions you may have, and get your feedback on the system.

We are happy to offer an affordable and routine maintenance package for your hot water system if you would like the reassurance of your system being regularly checked.


Sunpak are happy to discuss your requirements for pool and spa heating systems. We typically install a system similar to a heat pump system that will produce hot water to keep your pool at a comfortable temperature.

Sunpak Hot Water Projects

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Feel free to get in touch, we are here to help you.