Commercial Hot Water Systems Fit For A Koala

At 7am, Sunpak’s commercial hot water team arrived. The client – Wildlife Warriors Animal Hospital.  

It was an unusually cold morning in May when the Sunpak Hot Water team made their way to Australia Zoo.  

The current system for providing the staff and animals with hot water was burning through its available gas supply and costing them thousands. We offered to install a hot water system that would dramatically improve energy efficiency. 

After careful consultation with the Australia Zoo team to understand their unique hot water needs, we proposed a heat pump hot water solution that was both powerful enough to meet their individual demands, whilst being energy efficient and environmentally friendly. 

In no time at all the Sunpak team had a brand-new EvoHeat heat pump  up and running.  

Here’s the rundown of our work day: 

  • We started at 7am in the morning to the distinctive cackle of the local kookaburras.  
  • We worked hard throughout the middle of the day, despite the rising heat.  
  • As the temperature began to truly soar we were able to finish the job.  
  • By 1pm we were ready to pack up and out of there like a flash.   

After installing 4 Evo 270 heat pumps, one of the Australia Zoo’s Animal Hospital’s more famous residents had this to say,  

Thanks to a new Energy Efficient and Eco-Friendly Hot Water System installed by the team at Sunpak Hot Water, I’m able to enjoy nice warm baths and know that my precious habitat is being preserved!” 

We’re so glad to hear that the cute little Koala Tex will be able to enjoy his nice hot baths again! It was a quick but fun job and we were out before the end of business.  

Now the Wildlife Warriors can bathe the injured and endangered animals in lovely, warm water. It’s all toasty toes and smiling furry faces now.  

It was a fun and rewarding project for the team that made the long drive worth it. We got to meet all the locals (2 legged, 4 legged and no legged!), and offer our skills to deliver a commercial hot water solution that would both meet their needs and align with their eco-friendly philosophy. 

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