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Centralised Hot Water

Centralised Hot Water customised and made to order. Sunpak Hot Water serve large facilities, like body corporates, to residential homes within the suburbs of Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and Sydney with effective Centralised Hot Water Solutions.

The advanced brands and technology behind our company provide us with great satisfaction to offer the most affordable and reliable Hot Water supply on the market today.

All our Plumbing Products and Services are backed by industry leading warranties to make it an easy choice. Our dedicated Hot Water support are respected and have many long-term partners that continue to use Sunpak Hot Water as there go to Hot Water support.

Centralised Hot Water System built to last the tough Aussie Conditions. Sunpak Hot Water design Bulk Hot Water Systems that deliver instant Hot Water to multiple rooms within Resorts, Apartments, High Rise Buildings, Age Care Centres, and Homes.

Our Tailor-made Hot Water Solutions offer high efficiency in hot water performance without the electricity or Gas expense you currently experience. Producing Hot Water in Bulk has become a lot more affordable since the good old days.

Instead of Individual hot water systems, Bulk Hot Water is a Centralised Hot water system for apartments, townhouses, multi-dwelling providing each living space with enough Hot water.

Sunpak custom designed Centralised Hot Water can also be equipped with their own Water meter that measures the amount of Hot Water consumed by tenants.

We also undertake Hot Water System Repair, Maintenance, Servicing & Replacement. So, if you are experiencing problems with the level of heat or it’s costing you too much, give us a call and we can discuss some options.

Give our Office a Call and ask to speak with our Hot Water Consultant to explain your options and how much money you will be saving soon.

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