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Where a replacement or an upgraded hot water solution is required due to aging or failing equipment, Sunpak provide the latest Hot Water Systems that are extremely cost effective, fully designed and installed to suit your current situation.

Innovative and Efficient: All installations are based on market leading, innovative design principals acquired from decades of industry experience, all of which translates into energy efficient, hassle free hot water.

Giving you options: Our reliable commercial hot water solutions can be complete system replacements, or in cases where the existing plant and equipment is deemed to be in suitable condition, solutions can be designed and installed to assist, augment or add capacity and energy efficiency to suit ongoing needs.

Meeting today’s needs: In an ever increasing environmentally conscientious marketplace, Sunpak How Water understands the pressure businesses are faced with to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and their associated carbon footprint, along with lowering overheads and running costs.

Reduced Carbon Footprint: Hot water solutions provided by Sunpak are more environmentally friendly than alternate fuel sourced hot water systems and provide lower running costs continually.

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Evoheat Hot Water Systems - Sunpak Hot Water
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