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Stanthorpe Hot Water – Stanthrope Resident Hand-Picked their Own Hot Water System

Just Imagine

Imagine taking a shower in the morning, struggling to wake up, only to be hit with a wave of freezing cold water once you step in. You try to turn the heat up. Doesn’t work. You check that no one else is using the hot water. They aren’t… And then it dawns on you. Your hot water isn’t working and you need something done soon. There’s dinner to be cooked and everyone needs to shower tonight. So you research something a lot better than what you had, that won’t break down. You find one but now you need someone to install it. You search “same day installation in Stanthorpe” and that’s where we come in.

The Problem and The Solution

The client required a residential hot water solution and did careful research to find the best performing heat pump before contacting the Sunpak Hot Water team. They wanted a powerful, new system that could handle a large family and provide quick service with minimal disruption and noise. They knew what they wanted and we knew we could install it. After careful consideration they chose the top-of-the-line EVO 270 Hot Water Heat Pump.

A System for Every Family, A Service Focused Installation

As soon as we were contacted we mobilised the team to complete a same day hot water system changeover.  Ensuring minimal disruption to our clients is the ethos of Sunpak. A quick installation made certain that the home owners were not inconvenienced in any way by their old hot water system. The cold winter conditions experienced in Stanthorpe every year might be harsh but is no match for the EVO 270 Heat Pump. Quick. Efficient. Reliable. Industry leading technology.

Heat pumps such as the EVO 270 utilise the natural heat in the air to provide a low energy and cost-effective way to supply hot water to your home. That is why we promote the EVO 270 Heat Pumps, the preferred choice for homeowners across Australia.

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