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Commercial Heat Pumps at Rumba Resort, Caloundra

Sunshine Coast Resort Welcomes Install of Brand New Commercial Heat Pumps


Another job in our local area in the Sunshine Coast saw us visit the Rumba Resort in Caloundra. Why were we chosen and why did they choose the solution we gave? Well that comes down to two reasons.


  1. A steady increase in energy costs and rising interest in green power options like solar heating and commercial heat pumps saw Rumba Resort contact a third party for a serviced hot water solution.  
  2. That third party then contacted us for quick and reliable installation of a new system. They knew that when it comes to commercial heat pumps, quality customer service and specialised, expert hot water servicing in the Sunshine Coast, Sunpak Hot Water was and is the perfect choice. 


The Problem in Full


Rumba Resort’s biggest hurdle, outside of installing a new system, was choosing a system that would replace the two separate water plants without taking up more space. They had some room on a lower floor, the basement, but were unsure if there was enough space for a single system powerful enough to heat all the rooms across the property.

It wasn’t just an issue of money or efficient use of space either. 

This Sunshine Coast based resort simply couldn’t afford to lose out on performance. They needed a reliable system that would last and adapt to their needs going forward.  


An Interesting Lesson Learned


Thankfully for all involved the installation going forward saw a great simplification of their old two plant system. 

A single plant saw the new hot water tanks and heat pumps located centrally. Money would be saved in the long term as would space, thanks to the ever-improving quality of hot water technology and green solutions here in Australia. 

It was also a lesson about transparency in the costs of outdated hot water systems. 

We, at Sunpak, wholly recommend all our clients to be open with the burdens of their hot water systems so that we can better supply and support their needs.

Many residential and commercial users could be saving significantly more on their running costs by updating their current system to a more energy efficient heat pump. If you are ever unsure, ask a local hot water servicing professional – one that you trust, about current options. 

You’d be surprised with the savings available, especially for new residential and commercial heat pumps as well as solar hot water systems. The government incentives, across Australia, for green options are often under-advertised and ill-understood. 

For more information about residential and commercial heat pumps, check out our Facebook or Google Business profiles for more information.


A Simple Solution and Complex Installation


The installation itself was a long and rewarding process but ultimately far more complex than it sounded.  

The plan had been made but the task of installing multiple new commercial heat pumps after removing 11 older electric hot water systems was still to be executed. 

After the removal of the 11 old systems, we had them moved off site and brought in the sparkling new models ready for installation. 

The new system we installed was comprised of: 


Rapid Wrap Up


A job well done over a 4-day period. Rheem and Thermann products installed, joined plant-rooms and removed 11 old electric tanks systems with 66 elements!

Now there’s plenty of new space that has been opened up by the work of us here at Sunpak Hot Water.

The team worked hard under the calming conditions of our local Caloundra area’s surrounds. 

We are happy and confident in saying that Rumba’s systems will now see a dramatic decrease in ongoing costs, savings that will reach into the thousands within a year of their installation.


If you’ve got a commercial or residential job that needs done, we’re quick to respond and get down to you with a quote. For the best results, give Sunpak a call on 1300 982 993.

If you would like us to get back to you, send us an email at info@sunpakhotwater.com.au



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