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Oaks Mews – Maintenance and Revenue Stream

A Growing Commercial Apartment Building and the Trials

When managing, building or owning a large commercial building there is always that sinking feeling in the back of your head: that depreciating value and the eventual maintenance bills. Buildings decay and depreciate over time. That’s a fact of life and one that business owners and property managers face on the daily. Every day and every hour an apartment, room or building is left unused is being wasted thanks to depreciating value. And when you add the cost of maintenance on top of all that, it’s easy to see why so many just say to themselves: “Why bother?”

If only there was a way to do maintenance, increase the value of properties, create ongoing revenue streams and slow down the effects of depreciating value on the bottom line of your business… As Oaks Mews found out, there are. In fact there are many ways to do so, ranging from long term external fixtures to internal upgrades to existing equipment. But the way in which Sunpak Hot Water can help with that involves a little something called an Hot Water Embedded Network.

Bowen Hills Apartment Building Get Large Scale Hot Water Solution

Oaks Mews contacted Sunpak Hot Water to work closely with Locality Planning Energy. The hot water project was to replace the old gas Centralised Hot Water system and the 167 apartment hot water meters. The goal of our work was to provide a reliable and accurate Hot Water Embedded Network solution that could provide easy to use interfaces and data.

The changeover process was expertly planned to ensure that the facility only lost hot water for the minimal time possible so as not to cause the residents any inconvenience.

All works were completed on schedule and the outcome was that the Oaks Group, and the building’s management, being extremely satisfied with all facets of the process and the outcome.

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