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Karmasea Luxury Apartments Commercial Hot Water

Another successful commercial hot water project completed at an exclusive 5 star holiday apartment in the Sunshine Coast.

karmasea luxury apartments commercial hot water installation sunpak hot water

The Issue

The original centralised hot water equipment was installed in 2007 at the Karmasea. After 13 years of use, the body corporate committee agreed that an entirely new replacement system was required. They were interested in installing heat pumps but due to budget constraints they weren’t able to afford the upfront cost all at once.

So we came up with an affordable solution that would solve their problem now, as well as gear them up for the near future.

Our Proposal

After carefully assessing the old equipment set up and factoring in Karmasea’s requirements, this is what we proposed:

  • install 8 new 315L Thermann Electric Storage Hot Water tanks (similar to what they had) with extra inlet and outlet ports that are compatible with heat pumps
  • install new plumbing manifolding to supply future heat pumps with water
  • Install 2 Rheem heat pumps at a later date and connect to the newly installed tanks and plumbing

Everyone wins

The Karmasea committee liked our proposal and were happy for us to complete the installation in two stages. We implemented Stage 1 in October to ensure all guests and apartment owners continued to have reliable and running hot water. Stage 2 is scheduled for 2021 and will be a seamless process as everything is all set up for the heat pump installation.

This solution was very well received by the body corporate committee as it allowed them to plan ahead. We’re glad that we could help them achieve their desired goals in the long term without going over budget.

thermann hot water systems karmasea aparments

Ready for the swap?

If the hot water units in your building is past it’s shelf life, it’ll need to be replaced asap. Get in contact with us today to get expert advice on swapping your old systems for energy efficient and cost-effective ones. Free quotes are available – email us on info@sunpakhotwater.com.au or call directly on 0405 846 465.




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