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New Cost-Effective Heat Pumps Installed at Coco Apartments Mooloolaba

Heat pump installations at coco apartments mooloolaba pool area

Excellent. That’s the perfect word to describe the results we achieved at our recent job at Coco Apartments Mooloolaba. Let’s look at what the issue was and how our cost-effective heat pump solution solved the problem.

Heat pump installations at coco apartments mooloolaba new units

The Issue

The problem here was that the existing hot water equipment was 13 years old and needed constant maintenance to keep it in working order.

You can almost think of it like a household appliance, for instance, a kettle, that you’ve had for years. At some stage it just gets too old and worn to do what it was designed to do, and it then needs to be replaced.

This was the issue at Coco Apartments Mooloolaba and the team at Sunpak Hot Water aimed to resolve it.


Heat pump installations at coco apartments mooloolaba old units

The Solution: Heat Pumps

We solved this problem and kept the hot water running by replacing the 13 year old Quantum Titan split units with 7 new ones. Now, the immediate question is why replace 12 old units with seven new ones?

The answer – Many years ago the government was basically paying for the equipment with the REC rebates, this caused companies to massively over size the hot water equipment for buildings. This was to sell more equipment.

When we calculated the actual peak demand, 7 Quantum Titan split units was all that was needed to have reliable hot water for the complex and included redundancy.

No special tools were required for the installation and all the work was carried out in the hot water plant room in the basement. For this installation, we were also working in conjunction with Frank from AirDynamics refrigeration and air-conditioning.

Considering that it took three days to complete the installation, it was a simple job to provide our client with a cost-effective solution. In the end, the result was well worth the crowded, humid and hot plant room that we had to face to complete the installation.

Another Happy Client

With these new heat pumps, Coco Apartments Mooloolaba is enjoying significant savings because they no longer having to repair the old equipment to the hot water system, and they now have new heat pumps which ran more efficiently which, in turn, leads to lower running costs.

Another bonus is that the client had a smooth changeover from the old equipment to the new as there was only about 5 hours of downtime with no hot water. This is an achievement in itself as normally it would be at least a day without hot water due to works involved.

All in all, the client was happy with everything which means a job well done. In fact, Sunpak as been servicing Coco Apartments Mooloolaba for many years now and they trust us completely for all their hot water maintenance and installation needs.

If the hot water units in your building are past their shelf life and you’re spending more on maintenance and energy costs, get in contact with us today to get expert advice on swapping your old forlorn equipment for newer, more energy efficient, and cost-effective solutions.

Sunpak is a family-owned business and we believe in getting it right the first time, every time. We specialise in installing heat pumps and hot water systems on the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and Sydney.

We’ll be more than happy to give you a free quote, just email us on info@sunpakhotwater.com.au or call us directly on 0405 846 465.



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