Headland Tropicana Resort

Headland Tropicana Resort Gets Commercial Hot Water Upgrade

A Sunny Coast Getaway That Needed Something

Just south of Maroochydore, is a tropics-inspired resort near the Alexandra Headlands Beach. Not a home away from home but the ultimate getaway for families, big and small. A spot filled with all the essentials for a good time: sun, sand and waves.

As Sunshine Coast locals, the team at Sunpak Hot Water were keen as to get in the pool and spa. Who doesn’t love a warm swim in an indoor pool? No one we want to know, that’s for sure. But the pool was to ours and everyone’s dismay, cold.

The Missing Ingredient: Sunpak Installing Hot Water

The guests had nearly everything but the key ingredient: nice warm pool to relax in at the end of busy day on the Sunshine Coast. Kids toes were getting cold and parents muscles were missing a spa jet.

But that’s why the team at Headland Tropicana Resort called us and why we were there. So we put on our uniform and went on to save the day and: we installed a truly effective commercial heat pump that saves time, money and cold toes.

Sunpak Hot Water installed Commercial Heat Pump so resort owners and guests could enjoy the indoor pool all year round.

Proud of our work, we moved on to the next job, ready to save more toes from the pain of needlessly cold water.

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