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Coolum Centralised Hot Water - Breeze Apartments - Systems Maintenance

Hot Water Systems Maintenance at Breeze Apartments

The Problem – As We Saw it

Old equipment is especially vulnerable to rust, damage and being forgotten. This may seem harmless but can cost residential users hundreds a month. For commercial hot water users this can number in the thousands. Breeze Apartments, had 10-year-old equipment that had not been maintained at all and was not installed correctly in the first place.  This was causing the equipment to run inefficiently, costing more to produce hot water and was unreliable. 

Fixing a system – Coolum Centralised Hot Water Maintenance

We audited and rectified the issues in their heating system leaving them with no further problems. They were happy with the proposed solution and decided to go ahead with bi-annual routine maintenance to ensure their hot water system stays in top working order. This saves them money in the long term and prevents the need for huge overhauls of their systems. 

Call Us – Sunpak Hot Water

At Sunpak Hot Water, we are experts at uncovering hidden defects in your plant room and distribution systems causing you headaches.

If you suspect that your commercial hot water system may be losing efficiency or looking to upgrade to a solution that handles your hot water needs more effectively, contact us today for a free on site assessment.

If you are struggling with your own commercial hot water system, in Coolum or elsewhere, check out our resources on centralised hot water.

To check out our handiwork and support our clients check out Mount Coolum’s premier apartment residential complex at Breeze Apartments.



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