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Ilumina Toowong Commercial Pool Heating

Commercial Pool Heating – Installed at Ilumina Apartments in Toowong

Winter and Unheated Pools Don’t Go Together

With winter hitting harder than ever and energy bills really beginning to pinch on everyone’s wallet, it’s an understandable feeling for many to want somewhere nice and warm to relax.

Now imagine living in a 21 floor, 66 metre apartment tower and feeling that itch to make use of the pool upstairs. The view alone is worth it! But… it has no heating. You could try your luck and hope you can handle the miserable cold and frostbite-inducing pool. Thinking on it a little… maybe not.

Maybe it was time to see if there’s an energy efficient solution to your problem that won’t break the bank or itself in a couple of years.  Something reliable that won’t burn through the energy or gas bills.

You talk to the owners and property manager. They agree that now is the time to invest in some quality commercial pool heating.

The Process for the Client

Now let’s imagine you are the property manager:

You look up local hot water specialists, they all have the same promises and nothing really stands out to you. You decide to skip google and look up local specialists on Facebook. Before you know it you’ve arrived at Sunpak Hot Water’s Facebook page.

They’re local and seem like they’ve been around for a while, they even specialise commercial pool heating. You send a message and they reply quicker than you are used to.

You ask for quote, give some dimensions and yet again they fire back quick. These guys really don’t mess around, you think. You ask when they can help and they reply, fast as ever, “whenever suits you and your business’s needs.”

Eyebrows now firmly raised and impressed, you ask if they can do this week or next week. They say they can do either. You ask for a couple days from now and they book you in. That was surprisingly easy.

What We Were Able to Do

The installation itself wasn’t anything to write home about. Quick installations are Sunpak’s bread and butter. All we do is rip out the old one and install a brand spanking new piece of equipment. Well we do that and provide the perfect commercial pool heating solutions that save loads of money on heating and energy bills.

Sunpak Hot Water installed an EvoHeat CS-47 stainless steel heat pump pool heater. EvoHeat is an industry leader in innovative pool heating technology and provides incredibly reliable product perfect for their pool heating needs.

This kind of system takes advantage of Australia’s naturally high temperatures and humidity to generate insanely energy efficient heating solutions. Far better than traditional gas and electric commercial pool heating options, heat pumps are our go-to suggestion for all commercial clients. Especially to reduce their carbon footprint and energy bills.

While the future savings Ilumina would make were nothing to scoff at, the view from the pool was amazing. The fog rolling in over the mountains, after we had finally installed the hot water system, was something you just don’t get to see everyday.

The whole job didn’t take very long. We were in and out before they knew it. Thanks to that the clients and their guests are now able to relax upstairs with that special view and the warm water of a perfectly heated pool.

Curious About What we Wrote?

To learn more about EvoHeat and other industry leading brands we’re partnered with, for commercial pool heating systems click here.

To learn how your commercial property could be paying less on your energy bill for hot water then click here.



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