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Oaks Casino Commercial Pool Heating Systems

Commercial Pool Heating System Saves Oaks Casino from Overwhelming Bills

Commercial ‘Damsels in Distress’ Needs New Commercial Pool Heating System

Water heating bills are the last thing anyone wants to think about during this once in a 100 years event. But if you have a gas or even more expensive, an electric hot water system, it’s an all-consuming thing to try and keep on top of and manage 

It doesn’t matter if you are homeowner or commercial apartment property manager… no appreciates overpaying for water heating or pool heating bills.  

That was the case for Oaks Casino, who were bleeding money thanks to an old and ineffective electric commercial pool heating system 

Super Sunpak Hot Water to the Rescue 

Oaks Brisbane Casino Tower Suites, based centrally in Brisbane’s once bustling and yet still growing CBD district on George St, had heard through the grapevine about a plucky group of hot water specialists 

What they had heard about these hot water specialists was they could design and install a custom solution for a much-needed upgrade to their current commercial pool heating system.  

They weren’t just hearing things either. They were right because that’s exactly what we did.  

We passed through the city on the way to the job. Like its name suggests, it was right next to the casino and would be a perfect place to stay if you needed close access to the newly revived South Bank cultural district, the ever-popular Queen Street Shopping Mall and plenty of stalls at the Brisbane City Markets on Wednesdays and Thursdays.  

 What We Installed

Once we arrived, we headed straight towards the main mezzanine level to design and install the commercial pool heating system, which thanks to our expert team of specialists, was a relatively simple installation.  

All that remained was to install a heat pump for both the spa’s and pool, connect them all back to the custom-built system and check everything off. For the main pool we installed 2 x CS57 EvoHeat Heat Pump and for the spa we installed a singular, 1 x Force 26 EvoHeat Heat Pump. 

It was a tight squeeze to fit the system in, which partly why it was a custom build, but we managed to work around the needs of the client to deliver a great result for everyone involved.

Thankful Faces All Around

Heat Pumps are a revolutionary and innovative technology for the heating and hot water industries that outperforms all conventional options, creating four times, or more, the amount of heat for the same amount of energy as any gas or electric commercial pool heating system.  

They provide fast, cost-effective hot water by utilising the heat in the air and are a perfect choice for Australians. 

We like to recommend these as they save our clients significant amount of money, even residential hot water users can save thousands. For a commercial business such as Oaks Brisbane Casino Suite Towers, the saving throughout the products’ lifetime could easily reach into the hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions. 

Commercial Pool Heating Systems Save the Day 

Needless to say, the clients were more than pleased with the results and the significant burden taken off their wallets. The systems that we installed is reliable and should last long enough for Oaks to make their money back and more in savings.  

If you want to know about more of our other projects, including other ones where we installed custom systems, heat pumps or commercial pool heating systems, click here 

Otherwise feel free to enquire at info@sunpakhotwater.com.au 




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