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Maroochydore Hot Water - Catalina 2 Apartments

Catalina 2 Apartments – Convenient Heat Pump Installation

About the Client

Catalina 2 is one of two apartment towers in the Catalina Resort situated in the Cotton Tree area and is just an hour north of Brisbane.

When the team at Catalina 2 Apartments in Maroochydore realised that their outdated gas hot water system was no longer up to the job, they got in contact with Sunpak to help them figure out a new long term hot water solution.

We quickly set up a time for a thorough site inspection that would allow us to accurately diagnose the problem and determine their requirements going forward. We could tell early on that a heat pump was likely to be the best way forward. 

The Sunpak Difference – Long-term Savings

Because of the decades of experience under our belt at Sunpak, we confidently recommended a solution that would save considerable running costs and do away with the 4 LPG gas bottle and rental costs. As an added bonus, we also were able to eliminate the need for $10,000 worth of unnecessary jacking pump upgrades.

By adding a new dual ring main circulator that alternates the pumps and ensures that there is always a backup in case one fails, they now have the peace of mind that no guest will ever complain about cold showers again!

The result for Catalina 2 Apartments was a fantastic new energy efficient heat pump system that could deliver all the hot water they needed.

For More Information

If you want to check out our handiwork at Catalina tower two or are in need of a holiday – click here. 

To enquire about your own commercial, apartment or high-rise hot water solution contact us at info@sunpakhotwater.com.au



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