Thermann X Hybrid Heat Pump

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Thermann X Hybrid Heat Pump


Engineered in Germany to suit warm Australian conditions, The Thermann X Hybrid heat pump extracts heat from ambient air and quietly uses it to heat your water.

It comes with a removable casing for easy cleaning and servicing where access is limited. With a built-in manual element boost, for high demand conditions, and solar PV ready, the Thermann Heat Pump System truly is the smart way to heat your water.

* Solar PV-ready

* 7 day booster element (1.8kW) comes as standard

Call 0405 846 465 or Purchase Online for installation and/or supply on the Sunshine Coast (from the north of Caboolture to the south of Gympie).

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We have partnered up with Humm to offer our customers payment plans. If this is something of interest, please give us a call to discuss!

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How the Thermann X Hybrid Heat Pump works

1. A fan draws air through an evaporator. Thermal energy within the air is transferred to a liquid refrigerant causing it to change into a gas.

2. The refrigerant gas is then drawn into a compressor which increases the pressure and as a result increases the temperature.

3. A condenser (heat exchanger) then transports the hot gas refrigerant around the outside of the water tank. This heats the water inside the tank and the gaseous refrigerant reverts back into a liquid.

4. The pressure of the refrigerant is reduced as it goes through an expansion valve and returns to the evaporator for the process to start again.

For the best value and fastest installation of Thermann X Hybrid Heat Pump on The Sunshine Coast:

Phone: 0405 846 465

Or, if you are upgrading from an existing electric hot water system or heatpump, simply buy online and we will arrange to have your new hot water system installed ASAP.
  • Sunpak Hot Water only services from the north of Caboolture to the south of Gympie
  • This quote is based on a standard installation whereby the new Heatpump is replacing an existing electric or Heatpump hot water system located in a suitable location, has an adequate existing power supply, drainage point within 3 meters and all washrooms/bathrooms are tempered. In the event that the installation differs from the standard installation conditions, variations to charges may occur.


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220, 300



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Thermann X Hybrid Heat Pump FAQ's

On average, the Thermann X Hybrid can provide hot water to 3 to 5 people.
Yes! It comes with a 5-year warranty for the cylinder and 2 years for the parts and labour.
Once we have conducted our initial inspection on your hot water system, the turnover is as fast as 24 hours to 48 hours. The Actual install takes around 2-3 hours. When you choose us, you choose long-term savings on electricity and heating bills.

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