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Energy Efficient Pool Heating for Sunshine Coast Homes

Found yourself wishing that your pool was just “a few degrees” warmer?

Even Sunshine Coast pools could do with a little heat in winter!

That’s where Sunpak has got you covered.  We’ve been doing the pool and spa heaters on Sunshine Coast for over 20 years.

And it’s this experience the ensures you get the right pool and spa heater for the size, location and desired temperature of your Sunshine Coast pool.

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We partner with the best brands such as Evoheat to give you the most energy efficient pool and spa heaters that are available on market.

We typically install energy efficient heat pump pool and spa heaters to keep your pool at a comfortable temperature, whilst keeping your costs down.

We recommend an EvoHeat system for your pool; they are an Australian owned and operated company and are the industry specialists in pool and spa heating and cooling.

The EvoHeat pool and spa heater is an excellent choice for reducing energy bills and delivering reliable hot water for Sunshine Coast pools.

Evoheat heat pump technology is durable and dependable, and they work to ensure their products are the most efficient on the market.

The installation on an EvoHeat pool heating system will take from 2 – 8 hours depending on your current system and will have your spa heated to 28 degrees in four hours, or your pool heated in a day.

Pool heating to suit sunshine coast conditions

The most efficient way to heat your Sunshine Coast pool, is with our most popular Hot Water Heating Brand EvoHeat.

It guarantees to save you big money on your Swimming Pool Running Costs.  

EvoHeat is reliable and energy-efficient pool heat pump that heats your pool all year round without the expense others continue to pay.

The reason why is for every 1kW of electricity used, up to 6kW of heating is produced using EVO Heat Pump Technology.

There is nothing on the market today that tops our Pool Heating Range and here’s why.

  • 25 years Warranty on the titanium heat exchanger.
  • 5 years on Compressor / Fusion: 3 years on Compressor.
  • 2 years on parts.
  • 1 year on-site labour.


EvoHeat’s range of Commercial Heat Pumps are engineered to meet the demands of the Australian Commercial Pool Industry!

It’s time for performance where it counts, EvoHeat Guarantees stable performance from as low as -7˚C there is nothing better?

Regardless of Pool Size or Location EvoHeat offers 7 different CS Heaters ranging from 38kW up to 200kW to allow Sunpak Hot Water to choose the best commercial heat pump for your Swimming Pool and Spa.

EvoHeat Pool Heating systems are designed for a low maintenance experience for the lifetime of the product and are expected to go on heating your pools for 15-20 years

Ready to swim in your pool… without the shivers?

Phone: 0405 846 465



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